Current Pricing:

Horse/pony/donkey hire:
$120 for first hour for first horse/pony/donkey and $60 for first hour for each extra horse/pony/donkey.

$40 for each consecutive hour per horse/pony/donkey.

Beach Rides – Horse/pony/donkey: $120 for first hour for first horse/pony/donkey and $75 for first hour for each extra horse/pony/donkey.

$50 for each consecutive hour per horse/pony/donkey.


Riding Lessons: From $40 for Adults and Children.


Petting zoo hire: $180 for first hour and $40 for each consecutive hour.
Plus transport of petting zoo @ $1/k ($20 minimum fee).

Plus horse transport @ $1/k. (One horse or two ponies/donkeys) Minimum $20.  
Plus transport of buggy @ $20. 
Plus transport of large cart @ $1/k.

Examples of options:

1) One pony (or donkey) for saddle rides, and the petting zoo for 1 hour: $260 or 2 hours: $340.  Plus travel.

2) One pony and one donkey (or two ponies, or two donkeys) for saddle rides, and the petting zoo for 1 hour: $320 or 2 hours: $460.  Plus travel.

3) One pony for buggy rides, one pony for saddle rides and one donkey for saddle rides for 1 hour: $240 or 2 hours: $360.  Plus travel.

All prices include GST.

PLEASE NOTE: A price increase will apply from 1st September 2018

Our petting zoo hire will become $160 for the first hour.
Transport of petting zoo @ $2/k. ($60 minimum fee).
Horse transport will become $2/k. (One horse or two ponies/donkeys).
Minimum $60

All other pricing will stay the same.

Small pets usually include ducks (sometimes with ducklings), chooks (sometimes with baby chickens), rabbits (often with babies), guinea pigs (often with babies), baby lambs, baby goats, pet rats, and occasionally tame parrots and lizards.

Full payment is required at least one week prior to the event.

Cancelled bookings with less than one week’s notice will incur an admin fee of up to $40.